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Gestern wurde eine neue Version veröffentlicht. Das Update kann wie immer über die integrierte Funktion eingespielt werden oder man ladet die neue Setup vom Hersteller unter Downloads herunter. Dieses Update ist zur Behebung von Fehlern gedacht.

=== Client Release 30 Jul 2012
+ Increased Plugin API version to 18: Added returnCode to flushChannelCreate|Update, changed type of permissionID parameters from anyID to unsigned int.
+ Mono sounds can now also be sent to just left and right (stereo) speakers. This is now the default setting. Select “Mono to surround” in playback options to get the old behaviour.
* Changing the bantime dropdown no longer adjusts the time.
* Added contextmenu to copy client version from About dialog to clipboard.
* Added SERVER_ICON, CHANNEL_ICON and CLIENT_ICON variables to info templates.
* Enable scrollbuttons on Mac tabs to avoid the window resizing when too many chat tabs open.
* Added Isle of Men country flag.
– Fixed possible crash when clicking on ts3server:// links with a default channel specified.
– Fixed banlist sorting which did not apply properly after searching.
– Reverted plain/text mimetype for client items drag&drop. Needs some more work on lineedits first to implement this properly.

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