TeamSpeak Client 3.0.11 verfügbar Diesen Artikel drucken

Heute ist eine neue Version vom TeamSpeak Client erschienen. Bei näherem Betrachten sind mir ein paar Neuerungen aufgefallen. Unter Windows wurden Tastaturkürzel für verschiedene USB-Geräte hinzugefügt. Daneben gibt es mehr Anpassbarkeit bei Nachrichten (Chat). Darüber hinaus gibt es Schutzfunktionen gegen DOS-Attacken. Hierzu ist jedoch der neue TeamSpeak Server 3.0.8 erforderlich.

Nachfolgend die Änderungsliste:

=== Client Release 3.0.11 31 Jul 2013

! Changed the platform string for the Mac OsX platform from “Mac” to “OS X”
+ Added (Windows only) hotkey support for multiple USB devices. If we cannot get the USB device name from the system, we will try to read it from a local file. Please notice usb.ids in root folder. You can always overwrite it with the latest version from
+ The chat- and poke messages are now styleable too. Please notice the default_chat.qss in styles/ folder for example. The default_chat.qss is also the fallback if <stylename>_chat.qss does not exist.
+ Added “Classic” theme for users who want the old chat color scheme back.
+ Protection against DOS attacks was added to server 3.0.8. Added required counterpart of this functionality to the client. Server 3.0.8 requires client 3.0.11 to connect.
+ Added C++ runtime libraries to Linux deployment
* Reworked URLs storage hopefully fixing crash on loading corrupt data file. Stored URLs from previous versions will expire.
* Autoexpire URLs after 180 days.
* Plugin API: printMessage and printMessageToCurrentTab are now executed in the GUI thread, fixing a crash in the Arma plugin.
* Added “Channel” to Receive/Sent Poke notification. New default for both is server + channel + client.
* Added confirmation when deleting an Identity via the remove button.
* Automatically close “ban client” and “serverquery login” dialogs when disconnecting.
* Added limit of 40 characters in phonetic nickname field in channel dialog.
* Added character limit to name field in server/channel copy dialog.
* Added copying Server IP to clipboard from server connectioninfo dialog.
* Added a dialog to make sure the user will be informed about old USB device hotkeys. They have to be newly assigned once.
* Changed default chat notification settings for outgoing pokes.
* Changed default settings for neutral contacts, no custom name anymore.
* Added rootIsDecorated to remove collapse indicator on root item to stylesheet
* Added to channel template: CHANNEL_VOICE_DATA_ENCRYPTED_FLAG
* Added to server template: SERVER_VERSION_SHORT
* Added that info frame loads the <style>_chat.qss
– Fixed issue with outgoing poke display when user has special characters in in his nickname and the poke contains an URL.
– Removed Collected URLs item from the tray menu.
– Fixed some custom nickname displays which were not shown correctly (chat, poke and whisper history).
– Fixed UTF-8 display of country tooltips (e.g. Curaçao), added bl.png for Saint Barthélemy.
– Fixed “Make current channel default” in bookmarks dialog which didn’t work properly after adding this bookmark while already being connected.
– Fixed wrong connection count for new bookmarks (was 1 after creation even if we didn’t connect yet).
– Fixed vanishing port number from bookmark address field.
– Fixed issue with chat pen displaying chat partner is typing when he was just interacting with the tab.
– Fixed webserver list freezing when webserver is not reachable.
– Fixed wrong “Apply/Discard” dialog when changing option pages.
– Plugin API: Callbacks are now called properly on requestFileList
– Fixed issues with highlight and filter in server log dialog.
– Fixed offline message subject which will no longer send newlines.
– Fixed that http:// is now the default scheme when missing in poke- or hostmessage dialog.
– Fixed stylesheet helper hotkey which now shows the correct object names.
– Fixed the translation of some hotkey descriptions.
– Fixed server messages which had an additional whitespace at the beginning.
– Fixed quoting of channel- and user links.
– Fixed pasting a newline character which now is prevented at several places.
– Fixed discarding mouse buttons at hotkey system “Keyboard & Mouse Only”. If you don’t need discarding, “Default” is the better choice and also more flexible.
– Fixed unusable sound devices in osx
– Fixed default Downloads folder on Linux, no longer download to home dir.


Das Update kann wie immer über die integrierte Aktualisierung beim Start durchgeführt werden oder man ladet die neue Setup vom Hersteller unter Downloads herunter.

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